Behavioral Boarding Schools | Mt. Pleasant Academy

Behavioral Boarding Schools | Mt. Pleasant Academy


For troubled teens exhibiting a lot of behavior problems, behavioral boarding schools such as Mt. Pleasant Academy may

ultimately be the option that parents of these troubled teens want to look at. Our program provides experiential therapy, small size for more individualized treatment, and a staff that are handpicked to specially treat troubled teens as they need in. Our remote location (beautiful Mt. Pleasant, Utah) adds to our ability to treat troubled teens in a specialized, nurturing, therapeutic atmosphere. Keeping troubled teens in the negative environments that they often find themselves in severely hinders the therapeutic process, and in some cases makes recovery nigh impossible. Mt. Pleasant Academy is here. Call us today at 866-439-8110.

Family Profile for Troubled Teens

Feeling all alone and looking for an answer

Hurting – Confused – Feeling Lost

Tried Everything – Frustrated

I am concerned that my child will harm me, or someone else

I am a prisoner in my own home

My family is torn apart

I walk on eggshells

I live in constant drama

Will this nightmare end?

Scared – Anxious – Worried

You know there is a solution, but “where?”

Behavioral problems can be especially tricky for parents to deal with. They want troubled teens to get better but they don’t want to risk alienating them. Mt. Pleasant Academy provides a balance of therapy and counseling with nurturing and understanding. We don’t house many students, so parents can be guaranteed that their troubled teens will receive personal, one on one time with staff members to better equip them to recover. Overall, troubled teens who go through Mt. Pleasant Academy’s treatment process come out prepared for their futures. Call us for more information at 866-439-8110.

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